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Taoist treatises on knowing how to live

for younger generations
From Tao to the art of loving

Authors: Vinh LUU

Publication date: 09/2010

Publisher: Encre

Number of pages: 302

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The tenets of traditional Chinese medicine or Taoist medicine lie in the observation of nature. This medicine is rooted in the principle that our bodies (microcosm) are made in the image of nature (macrocosm) and in order to maintain good health, the human being should respect the natural laws of the macrocosm, as well as living in accordance with said laws.

The Fire in the SKY (the sun thanks to the phenomenon of photosynthesis) when encountering the water on EARTH (itself controlled by the moon) creates LIFE on earth. Taoists speak of 3 levels of energy in the universe: SKY, EARTH, LIFE.

From a Taoist perspective, man must return to heaven that which he has received. Thus, to enjoy a harmonious life within the biosphere, man's duty is to look after his health.

In this philosophy—which forms a complete way of life—the older one gets, the healthier we must be, as we learn how to stay healthy. The end goal is to die in good health.

Chinese medicine takes a global view of health because it considers the person as a whole. Man is a psycho-socio-emotional being.

This book is a tribute to the teachings of Dr. Dang Vinh Luu (better known as Vinh Luu), co-founder of IMDERPLAM (Mediterranean Institute of Documentation, Studies and Research on Medicinal Plants) and of the Phytofrance Laboratory in Candillarges (Herault).

Vinh LUU

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