Essential oils, Body care oils, Flower oils, Vegetable oils & Hydrosols

Aromatherapy uses the essences secreted by aromatic plants. Scented and highly volatile, essences are mostly obtained by steam distillation. This results in essential oils, which are collected at the same time as flower waters or hydrosols. Only citrus essences (orange, grapefruit, mandarin) can be obtained by pressing. 
Endowed with numerous properties, essential oils have the power to cross the skin barrier and permeate the body, hence their primarily external use (baths, massage oils and body care). 
They are also powerful and fast acting when inhaled or ingested with caution. 
Ours come from organic agriculture where possible. 
Our essences are obtained from wild or cultivated plants, in complete respect for the plant, its properties and the ecosystem.
  • Essential oils (single or complex) in bulk or packaged
  • Essential oils for diffusers
  • Care oils
  • Floral waters or Hydrosols
  • Balms, etc.
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