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Phyto-weight loss guide

How to lose weight with the help of plants

Guide phyto-minceur

Authors: Claudine Luu

Publication date: 12 Jan 2012

Publisher: Dangles

Number of pages: 192

Publisher's preview

Weight problems have become a major public health concern, the current explosion of cardiovascular disease being one example of many. Natural medicines (phytotherapy, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy or homeopathy) can help you to effectively fight against excess weight. Many plants preventively help you to better manage your weight, while others stimulate a quick return to a manageable size.

The author combines scientific data and traditional knowledge to offer you many practical solutions adapted to your morphological type, your base metabolism, age or heredity.

Numerous illustrations depict the main plants used in these treatments.

Author bio

Dr Claudine Luu is from Aveyron. She has successively served as director of the homeopathic laboratory of the South-East, then researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Montpellier.

Together with her husband, she set up the Mediterranean Institute of Documentation, Teaching and Research on Medicinal Plants (IMDERPLAM), of which she is the director and one of the principal teachers, as well as the pharmaceutical company LAPHT-PHYTOFRANCE.

She gives numerous lectures and is responsible for teaching programs in various regions of France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.

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