This work is the result of the author's field observations, combined with certain flora and inventories.
Nathalie Clot Havond, Claudine Luu (Foreword)
Characteristics of medicinal plants and their respective drugs with guidelines on Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy,
Dr. Claudine Luu
Claudine Luu is a doctor of Pharmacy, Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences and Science.
Dr. Claudine Luu
Who has not suffered at one time or another from joint pain?
Dr. Claudine Luu
Since time immemorial, plant oils have been closely linked to beauty treatments. They are rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, and 9) and in fat-soluble vitamins(vitamins A, D, E and K).
Claudine Luu
How to lose weight with the help of plants Weight problems have become a major public health concern, the explosion of cardiovascular disease being one example of many.
Claudine Luu
Like the two connected lakes described in the Yi King – Claudine Escudier was born on 14 July 1941 in Aveyron, surrounded by flowers and fields.
Claudine Luu, Vinh Luu, Domitille Debienassis
Many people, and women in particular, suffer from venous insufficiency yet struggle to identify the symptoms and the genes that cause it.
Claudine Luu
One of several methods that approach the biological state of the organism as a whole, bioelectronics is one of the most precise.
Giralt Gonzalez, José-A.
The author, a biologist, explains the causes of disease, describing symptoms and indicating the appropriate treatment with grapefruit seed extract.
Jens Meyer-Wegener
Nowadays it is possible to beat cancer, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, depression, osteoarthritis, etc.
Dr. Joseph Levy
The pharmacodynamic activity of plants is well established.
Serge Dewit, J.C. Leunis
Faced with the numerous sufferings that afflict human beings, the rationalist medical approach only provides partial responses whose immediate effectiveness is often tempered by disturbances both near and far.
Phou ngeun Souk-aloun
Is tap water good for our health? Should you drink mineral water? Are computer screens and microwave ovens harmful? Did you know that eating a plate of carrots two to three times a week
Dr. Joseph Levy