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Solarized flower oils


A faire soi-même

Authors: Claudine Luu

Publication date: 24 April 2013

Publisher : Dangles

Number of pages : 288

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Since time immemorial, plant oils have been closely linked to beauty treatments. They are rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, and 9) and in fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K).

But when certain flowers are soaked in oil exposed to sunlight, a 'solarized flower oil' is obtained which is far more active in its intensity and duration.

Dr. Claudine Luu has perfectly mastered this solarization technique, which she has been practicing for decades, and is now bringing it to the attention of all. In this book, she explains the principles of solarization, its practical application (illustrated by numerous photos), the harvest of plants, methods of conservation and use.

There are 35 oils and more than 160 plants that can be used depending to the results sought. The resulting solarized oils have multiple applications: rubs, massage, compresses, cosmetics and hair care. They also have several therapeutic properties: skin problems, disorders of the digestive and genitourinary tracts, the respiratory system, joints (rheumatism), the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system.

Preparing the flower oils, from harvesting the plants to observing the pretty colors of the resulting oils and then using them wisely, is the first step to taking control of one's own health.

Author bio

Claudine Luu is a doctor of Pharmacy, Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences and Science. During her career she has been a laboratory director, researcher and teacher. Together with her husband Vinh, she set up the Mediterranean Institute of Documentation, Teaching and Research on Medicinal Plants (IMDERPLAM) and the pharmaceutical laboratory LAPHT-PHYTOFRANCE (aromatherapy, phytotherapy and traditional homeopathy laboratory).

She presents at numerous conferences and is in charge of various education programs in France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. Claudine Luu is also the author of several books and numerous articles on phytotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, nutritherapy and dietetics, published regularly in health journals.

huiles de fleurs solarisées

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