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Venous circulation

Problems and natural remedies

la circulation veineuse

Authors: Claudine Luu

Publication date: 25 February 2010

Publisher: Dangles

Number of pages: 200

Publisher's preview

Many people, and women in particular, suffer from venous insufficiency yet struggle to define the symptoms or the genes that cause it. Offering plenty of easy-to-implement tips, this book is a great reference work in phytotherapy and alternative medicine. The author combines scientific data and traditional knowledge to enable everyone to find the solution that fits them best.

Author bio

Dr Claudine Luu is from Aveyron. She graduated in Montpellier as a pharmacist, as well as from the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy (IPIM), then completed a PhD in Pharmacy. She then obtained a DEA (postgraduate diploma) in Biological Sciences and, in 1981, completed a doctorate in Natural Sciences at USTL Montpellier. She has successively served as director of the homeopathic laboratory of the South-East, then researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Montpellier. Together with her husband Vinh, she set up the Mediterranean Institute of Documentation, Teaching and Research on Medicinal Plants (IMDERPLAM), of which she is the director and one of the principal teachers. In 1986, she founded the pharmaceutical laboratory LAPHT-PHYTOFRANCE (laboratory of traditional aromatherapy, phytotherapy and homeopathy), where she was in charge of pharmaceuticals for twelve years before taking over as manager. She presents at numerous conferences and is in charge of various education programs in France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. Claudine Luu is also the author of several books and numerous articles on phytotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, nutritherapy and dietetics, published regularly in health journals.

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