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Guide to elixirs and crystals

Therapy with crystal elixirs and oils

Authors: Ange-Jacques Séno, Sylvie Crochet

Publication date: June 13, 2011

Publisher: Ambre

Number of pages: 256

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In the major ancient civilizations, India and China, many texts already alluded to the therapeutic properties of crystal energies. Crystal elixirs and oils, to strengthen the energy system and soothe physical and psychological ailments, are recorded.

And so lithotherapy was born! Studied in more recent decades—by scientists who take a different approach to the art of helping people—crystal elixirs are among the most precious substances that nature can offer us. Through their broad spectra of influence, they provide holistic therapy in their own right by acting on different subtle bodies, chakras, meridians, and our psycho-emotional state.

Therapy with crystal elixirs and oils has been developed on the holistic bases of Ayurveda and Chinese Energetics. This crystal elixir guide deals specifically with the use of proven crystal elixirs and 7 crystal oils especially developed for the chakras and meridians.

Managing one's health is everyone's business. Crystal elixirs and oils are vibratory substances that act as catalysts for physical and mental well-being.

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