3-Nutritherapy medicine

Two enthusiasts, Claudine Luu and Sylvie Crochet, combine forces here to introduce us to their passion: energetics and their importance to health and therapeutics.
Sylvie Crochet
A small tome on the main minerals and crystals used in lithotherapy seemed practical to us.
Sylvie Crochet
In the major ancient civilizations, India and China, many texts already alluded to the therapeutic properties of crystal energies. Crystal elixirs and oils to strengthen the energy system, and soothe physical and psychological ailments, are recorded.
Ange-Jacques Séno, Sylvie Crochet
Despite the vast resources poured in, comparable to funding for space research, conventional oncology has stagnated for over 30 years.
Dr Joseph Lévy
It has been no secret for several years now that sources of pollution that can affect health have grown exponentially.
Dr Joseph Lévy
This tome is inspired by Dom Alexandre's book, first published in 1714 and with numerous re-editions up to the 19th century.
Mireille Laget, Claudine Luu, Nicolas Alexandre