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Dictionary of environmental medicine

Non-aggressive natural treatments are often more effective

Authors: Dr. Joseph Levy

Publication date: February 14, 1995

Publisher: Editions du Rocher (3rd edition)

Number of pages: 324

Publisher's preview

Is tap water good our health? Should you drink mineral water? Are computer screens and microwave ovens harmful? Did you know that eating a plate of carrots two to three times a week is an effective way to prevent lung cancer? That it's possible to increase your energy levels, your physical and intellectual abilities while protecting yourself from major health threats? The Dictionary of Environmental Medicine identifies all of the steps that must be taken to achieve this goal.

  • How to avoid poisoning yourself and provide your body with all of the nutrients it requires to work smoothly.
  • How to get acquainted with often overlooked methods, the diagnoses that inform you of the risk factors and fighting them in time.

The Dictionary of Environmental Medicine ultimately demonstrates that non-aggressive natural treatments are often more effective than chemical drugs and can beneficially replace them.

This reference book, aimed at both health professionals and the general public, will teach you to master your environment and make the most of the world of tomorrow.

Author bio

Doctor of medicine, specialized in Physical Sciences, graduate of the International Institute of Acupuncture and Energy Medicine, Dr. Joseph Levy is the author of The Silent Revolution in Medicine.

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