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Directory of homeopathic materia medica

Homeopathic Medicine

Authors: E. Broussalian

Publication date: 14 October 2004

Publisher: Roger Jollois

Number of pages: 1664 + CD-Rom (Windows)

Publisher's preview

A far-reaching reshuffle at the Similia Publishing House is the reason behind the delay of this book's publication, but thanks to Dr. Max Tetau it has finally been possible to bring the work to the public. I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks to him.

This edition is faithful to the spirit in which Kent worked. All additions respect his notions of classification from the individual to the general, and the Directory functions as an index of this medical field.
This classic approach remains indispensable and vital, with signs and symptoms forming the intangible basis of our practice. But an evolution of the concept is forecast thanks to the developments in homeopathy over the ninety years since Kent's death. I wouldn't like to say that we are better at prescribing than these giants of the past such as Kent, Hering, Guernsey and the rest, quite the contrary. I simply want to make pragmatic reference to the accumulation of data (clinical confirmation, new pathogenesis, etc.) that will have to be exploited one way or another.

Since Hahnemann's time, the exponential expansion of the medical field has led to the creation of directories to orient the practitioner through the morass of observed symptoms.

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