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Theoretical and practical treatise on bioelectronics

The science of life's electromagnetic micro-currents

traite théorique et pratique de la biologique electronique

Authors: Giralt Gonzalez, José-A.

Publication date: 03/09/1999

Publisher: R. Jollois

Number of pages: 672

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One of several methods that approach the biological state of the organism as a whole, bio-electronics is one of the most precise.

Until today, practitioners have lacked proper guidelines that address all aspects of this science—still relatively unknown and whose resources are poorly exploited—in an organized, educational way.

This work is fruit of 20 years of both theoretical and practical research, of scientific and technical syntheses, of testing and refining processes and results carried out by an engineer who learned of bio-electronics directly from its founder, professor Louis Claude Vincent.

The content of the book provides new means to better understand, prevent and stop certain reactions that develop within the body, impairing it to varying degrees.

J.-A. Giralt-Gonzalez's Treatise on Bioelectronics provides the most accurate advice on prescribing and advising the remedies and foods best suited to a patient's overall biological state.

The author of this vast, unprecedented work is the founder of the Association for the Research and Application of Biophysics and Bioelectronics. J.A.Giralt-Gonzalez is—thanks to his contacts within the worlds of both bio-electronics and science—the best-placed person to offer practitioners a guide on how to get started or advance within a science that NASA has long recognized, and which future healthcare will position among the most useful, one that measures up to what biological challenges there may be.

traite théorique et pratique de la biologique electronique

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