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Alternative ways to treat cancer

Conventional oncology has been stagnating for over 30 years

Authors: Dr Joseph Lévy

Publication date: 3 October 2002

Publisher: Editions du Rocher

Number of pages: 175

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Despite the vast resources poured in, comparable to funding for space research, conventional oncology has stagnated for over 30 years. This fact is openly admitted by top oncology specialists. The reasons behind this failure can be summed up in 4 bullet points: the almost exclusive use of medical imaging for diagnosis, which only allows the detection of tumors after 7 years of development; disregard for the 'terrain'; prioritized use of aggressive and indiscriminate means of treatment; the economic implications of established oncology.
There is, however, a whole panoply of effective means, developed by ingenious researchers whose ideas are rejected by the dominant ideology. These methods of early diagnosis have been tested on a large scale; therapies that need to be applied just 10 days a year can preventatively help those at risk; selective treatments that are proven to work on confirmed cases of cancer.
These treatments, which channel the work of experts from around the world, do not entirely exclude conventional therapies, rather they allow these to be used in small doses, thus respecting the immune system. Thanks to such methods, the problem of cancer can largely be resolved.

Author bio

Joseph Lévy, a doctor of medicine specialized in Physical Sciences, graduate of Nuclear Medicine as well as from the International Institute of Acupuncture and Energy Medicines, is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. He is also the author of the Dictionary of Environmental Medicine and The Silent Revolution in Medicine.

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