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Essential lithotherapy

The Most Important Minerals and Crystals for Lithotherapy

Authors: Sylvie Crochet

Publication date: 21 June 2011

Publisher: Ambre

Number of pages: 128

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A small tome on the main minerals and crystals used in lithotherapy seemed practical to us.

To address all of our body, mind and spirit's needs, some 50 stones prove both necessary and sufficient; these cover the entire range of chakras or minerals essential to our bodies. Remember, all life is nourished by the minerals on earth, transformed or not.

Before any use of minerals for lithotherapy, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of these. The different characteristics of each mineral will determine how the beneficial effects of lithotherapy are produced, in order to re-balance energies or achieve a therapeutic effect.

In this book, over 50 essential minerals are listed, along with: their shape, chemical make up, color, hardness, and electrical or chemical properties. How do you choose the right one? How should you carry them? This beginner's book will get you off to a great start in lithotherapy.

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