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Healthcare prevention code

Steps to take to minimize risks

Authors: Dr Joseph Lévy

Publication Date: 15 November 2000

Publisher: Editions du Rocher

Number of pages: 139

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It has been no secret for several years now that different sources of pollution that can affect health have grown exponentially. However it can prove difficult to challenge developments linked to the growth of industry and a more complex way of life.

Hence the urgency to learn about the nature of these forms of pollution and their potential risk, and discover the means to protect ourselves, even if said protection is only partial. This Preventative Healthcare Code offers practical, often very simple advice. Covered in the book are, for example, the risks associated with depleted micro-nutrients in our diets due to the heavy use of chemical fertilizers and foodstuffs contaminated by the different treatments applied, as well as problems related to water and air pollution or that generated by technology and geobiology. The steps that need to be taken to minimize such risks are also outlined. In the second part, the focus shifts to early diagnosis methods designed to help each of us avoid contracting serious diseases. Thus the chances of healing are greatly increased.

This end-goal should be the main concern of conventional medicine. While it is not currently the focus, we hope it will become one in the near future.

Author bio

Joseph Lévy is a doctor of medicine specialized in Physical Sciences, graduated in Nuclear Medicine as well as from the International Institute of Acupuncture and Energy Medicines, and is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. He is also the author of the Dictionary of Environmental Medicine and The Silent Revolution in Medicine.

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