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Medicine and surgery of the poor in the 18th century

According to the book by Dom Alexandre

Authors: Mireille Laget, Claudine Luu, Nicolas Alexandre

Publication date: 1984

Publisher: Privat

Number of pages: 147

Publisher's preview

This tome is inspired by Dom Alexandre's book, first published in 1714 and with numerous re-editions up to the 19th century.

Dom Nicolas Alexandre (1654-1728) was a French Benedictine monk of the Saint Maur order. He published his work with the aim of 'providing the poor with the safe and easy means to cure themselves of illnesses.These remedies harnessed either food or domestic animals, or the plants they could easily find in gardens and fields''.

The book is divided into two parts: remedies for internal illnesses that require medicine; and those that necessitate surgery.

Authors bio

Mireille Laget was assistant professor of Modern History at Paul Valérie University in Montpellier. She has published several book on memory.

Claudine Luu., a laboratory pharmacist, is director of the Mediterranean Institute for Documentation, Study and Research on Medicinal Plants (IMDERPLAM) with her husband Vinh Luu, which they have established in Montpellier.

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