Do you have allergies? Do you want to protect yourself against diseases and viruses? Do you suffer chest pain? Migraines? Heartburn? Are you pregnant? Is your baby cutting its teeth? Is your child restless? Homeopathy is a gentle, effective and safe medicine for all, from infants to seniors, 0 to 107 years old!
Albert-Claude Quemoun
A far-reaching reshuffle at the Similia Publishing House is the reason behind the delay of this book's publication, but thanks to Dr. Max Tetau it has finally been possible to bring the work to the public. I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks to him.
E. Broussalian
Translated from the American by Edouard Broussalian and Roselyne Della Faille, this volume describes the symptoms of 38 remedies from arnica montana to bromium.
Constantin Hering
Volume I Margaret Tyler's work is a leader among practical materia medicas.
ML Tyler
From gingivitis to serious infections, bleeding to allergic reactions,
Samuel Debard
This book comprehensively describes therapeutic protocols elaborated and tested through the author's diligent practice over the years.
Laurent Hervieux
Republication of the 1857 Treatise.
The first part examines general questions that the practitioner should ask the patient to find out about their physical health and condition.
G.H.G. Jahr, Olivier Rabanes (Foreword)