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Homeopathy Handbook

For everyday health problems

Authors: Albert-Claude Quemoun

Publication Date: February 1, 2010

Publisher: LEDUC .S

Number of pages: 336

Publisher's preview

Do you have allergies? Do you want to protect yourself against diseases and viruses? Do you suffer chest pain? Migraines? Heartburn? Are you pregnant? Is your baby cutting its teeth? Is your child restless? Homeopathy is a gentle, effective and safe medicine for all, from infants to seniors, 0 to 107 years old!
For everyday health problems, homeopathy is an affordable, effective and safe solution!

Consult this practical guide on a daily basis to find homeopathic answers to the whole family's problems. Identify your profile using tests to discover your key remedy.

"I have dedicated my life to homeopathy and today I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. That's why I want this book to be your guide and help you at every step. You'll find tips that are easy to put into practice, with comprehensive indexes to find the information you need”.
Albert-Claude Quemoun

Author bio

Albert-Claude Quemoun is a pharmacist and researcher. Vice-president of the French Society of Homeopathy, lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Nord, president of the Homeopathic Scientific Institute, he conducts research in collaboration with INSERM.
He is the author of Dilution and Dynamisation: Encyclopedia of Natural Medicines, Homeopathic Treatise (Frison Roche), Comfort in Parkinson's Disease through Homeopathy (Resurgence-Belgium) and Lose Weight with Homeopathy (Leduc.s Editions).

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